Regulatory licence

Projective Group helps financial organisations obtain a regulatory licence.

Regulatory licence applications

As a financial organisation, you must have a licence from one of the regulatory authorities. But the process of applying for a licence demands meticulous planning, and to have the best chance of being approved, your licence application needs to be complete and well-crafted. Whether this is your first application, or you want to extend an existing licence, we are here to help you.

Acquiring a licence

We have extensive experience of many different licence applications including:

  • Investment institution (private equity, hedge, real estate, equity and bond funds (AIFMD);
  • Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS);
  • Investment firms, such as asset managers, brokers etc. (MiFID II);
  • Payment institutions and payment service providers (PSD2);
  • Electronic Money institutions (EMIs);
  • Crypto service providers (MiCA);
  • Financial service providers, such as providers of consumer credit, investment objects, insurance brokers

Your licence


As a result, we are well qualified to assist you during the application process for a new licence, or for the extension of an existing licence. We can support you at every stage from drawing up procedures and preparing documentation to maintaining contact with the supervisory authority.

’’Projective Group is a great sparring partner. Their knowledge of and experience with the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) has important added value in the successful completion of a complex licence application.’’

How can we help?

We are happy to support you with:

  • Qualifying your services to determine your licence category
  • Advising on the costs and timeline of a licence application
  • Preparing the licence application
  • Drafting or reviewing the necessary documents, policies and procedures
  • Preparing board members for the application process

Starter package for
financial service

For smaller businesses, applying for a licence can seem like an expensive and time-consuming affair. Our goal is to simplify what can be a complex process. We even provide starter packages for specific (small) financial service providers.

These packages give you a complete understanding of the steps involved in the licence application process. You have the freedom to choose where you want assistance, which lets you stay in control of your budget.