Compliance Reporting

A compliance report allows you to ensure policy makers are kept well-informed about how your organisation is adhering to guidelines and regulations.


As a Compliance Officer, you must prepare a report at least once a year detailing how you are complying with both external and internal legal regulations. This report keeps policy makers informed of developments in, and changes to, your compliance policy.

An essential part of compliance

As well as showing how your company is following the rules, a compliance report also summarises any problems found and what is being done to resolve these issues. If there is a significant risk that you could be in breach of any rules or regulations, this should be reported immediately. A compliance report summarises all of this and is an essential element of the compliance function.

What we do

Our compliance specialists can help you to set up the reporting process and compile compliance reports. We have designed a format that combines the expertise of our specialists with industry best-practice. Of course, we also consider regulatory guidance and any specific preferences your company may have.

Ruler – use in creating Compliance Reports

Employing our Ruler compliance tool will give you more than just an understanding of the applicable laws and regulations. You will also be able to track how well you are adhering to these standards. A customised dashboard in Ruler highlights areas that require your attention. Using Ruler, you will be able to effortlessly generate, export, and oversee a monitoring schedule.