Junior Compliance Officers

We help financial institutions build strong, sustainable compliance teams by recruiting and training Junior Compliance Officers.

Training Junior
Compliance Officers

As a financial institution you are under severe pressure to comply with increasingly complex rules and regulations.

Sometimes you just do not have the right skills and capacity to do this. We can help you to set up a sustainable compliance function. Our experienced advisors can recruit and train young talent to take on the role of compliance officers in your organisation.

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Exellys, which is part of Projective Group, is a talent incubator. Exellys has vast experience in attracting, training and guiding young talent in the financial sector. Exellys collaborates with our Risk & Compliance consultants, who use their knowledge and expertise to train new talent. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution for attracting, training and coaching compliance talent.

Training Programme – Junior Compliance Officer: Year 1

During the first year, candidates develop important soft skills. These skills are taught through group workshops, personal coaching sessions and in the workplace. Students also gain content knowledge, in preparation for in-depth study in the second year. Each candidate is allocated a personal mentor, who is an experienced compliance officer. They also have access to our Awareness e-learnings, accessible through our learning institute, The Ministry of Compliance.

Key topics in Year 1

  • Legal framework; a deep-dive
  • CO business knowledge
  • Compliance context
  • Launch of ‘Start Smart’
  • Time management
  • How to Communicate effectively
  • How to Collaborate
  • Customer Focus

Training Programme – Junior Compliance Officer: Year 2

In the second year of the programme, candidates take an even deeper dive into the world of Risk & Compliance. They take part in a tailor-made programme in which they are taught all the phases of the compliance cycle under the guidance of an experienced coach. The emphasis is on the practical application of what they learn.

Key topics in Year 2

  • 9 month Compliance Officer programme
  • Coaching by experienced compliance officers
  • Practical assignments within the organisation
  • Preferred Future workshop
  • Innovation Hackathon

At the end of the two-year training programme, we help Junior Compliance Officers to transition into their roles within your organisation.