Communicaton with the regulator

ProjectiveGroup helps you to communicate and maintain your relationships with regulators such as the AFM or DNB.

Communicating with the regulators

As a licenced financial organisation in the Netherlands, it is part and parcel of your duties to deal with your national regulators (such as the DNB and/or AFM) on a regular basis. It is important to remain on good terms with these regulators to preserve your organisation’s reputation.


The regulator may ask for information or even launch an investigation. It is important to think carefully about your response to these requests, as they help the regulator to get to know your company better. Should the regulator launch a surprise investigation, we can support you before, during and after that examination.

What we do

Many of our consultants have worked as regulators. As a result, we know better than most how the system works. With strong contacts at both DNB and AFM, we are ideally qualified to help you prepare for discussions with either regulatory body.