External Data Protection Officer

Our privacy consultants can provide a professional and practical solution for your organisation by fulfilling the role of Data Protection Officer

Within an organisation, management are responsible for the handling of personal data and compliance with GDPR. For some organisations, appointing a data protection officer is mandatory. But many others also choose to appoint a data protection officer, who has an independent role, to oversee compliance with GDPR.

Are you considering appointing or replacing a data protection officer, but cannot find a suitable candidate? Do you need someone to stand-in as your data protection officer, or support your existing DPO?

Our team of experienced privacy consultants can either assume the role of Data Protection Officer or offer hands-on support to your DPO.

What can you expect
from an external Data Protection Officer?

Our specialist privacy team will help you to remain compliant with GPDR obligations, taking into consideration the nature and size of your organisation. Among our obligations as your Data Protection Officer will be:

  • Maintain access to the handling of personal data and report to management
  • Advise staff on matters related to privacy and deliver internal training to improve knowledge of this topic
  • Support the implementation of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and help to assess and report data breaches
  • Act as a point of contact for data subjects (individuals whose data is processed by the organisation) and the Data Protection Authorities

When is it mandatory to appoint a data protection officer?

Public authorities and organisations that process personal data on a large scale are mandated to appoint a Data Protection Officer. This obligation extends to organisations processing personal data relating to criminal convictions.

What is the difference between a Privacy Officer and a Data Protection Officer and which role is best for your organisation. It can be confusing! Learn more from the link below.