Recovery actions

Projective Group supports recovery actions and helps to restore the trust of the regulator.

Recovery Actions

Your past performance affects the bond of trust that exists between you and the regulator. This applies both to the company and its directors.

It could be that an investigation or information request has led the regulator to believe that you are not following all the regulations. If this happens you must take quick and effective action to resolve the situation.

Helping you to find

The challenges you face come in different forms: they could include altering processes, repairing customer data files, or even transforming corporate culture. It takes team management skills and practical expertise in overseeing complex projects to resolve these issues.

What we do

Projective Group specialises in restoring and maintaining regulatory trust. Many of our consultants have worked as regulators, fully understand the functions of this role, and have strong connections within regulators such as DNB and AFM in the Netherlands. We can offer support to both financial and (semi-)public organisations.

We can help you with the design, implementation and day-to-day running of a recovery and improvement plan. We look first at the nature and extent of the problem and then draw up a strategy to help you to again become compliant. Our support includes:

  • Consulting with the regulator with you/on your behalf;
  • Offering a ‘second opinion’ to verify the facts;
  • Running a full Diagnostic or Quick Reputational Scan, to find sleeping issues and help you to respond proactively;
  • Offering project management skills;
  • Supplying experts to work with your team;
  • Supporting the enforcement of regulations;
  • Lodging objection and appeal documents.