Dispute Resolution

Projective Group assists you in disputes involving the financial regulatory authorities such as the AFM or DNB. We support you in dealing with enforcement decisions and communications with the regulator.

Dispute Resolution

As a licensed financial organisation in The Netherlands, you will have regular dealings with the AFM, DNB and AP. We offer advice to financial institutions faced with enforcement actions by these regulators.

These can include formal enforcement steps such as administrative fines, directives or penalties. These can also involve more informal actions such as advisory notices or alerts.

Support for
enforcement measures

By involving us at an early stage we can offer practical advice when you need it most. We can help you to work out the best response to any proposed action. We can also guide you through the process of a regulatory investigation, drawing up opinions on any proposed enforcement action and acting as your representative in this and higher-level appeals.

At the heart of what we want to do is to keep your reputation intact and help you to build a strong relationship with the regulator.

Preparing and implementing a plan of action

Enforcement measures handed down by the regulator often include a must-do list for your organisation. Given our substantial experience with many (major) financial organisations, our understanding of the financial sector is unparalleled. We will get to know your internal operations and can support you in designing and executing an action plan that not only reinstates trust but is custom-built to meet your requirements.

How we work with you

Many of our compliance experts have backgrounds as regulators. We therefore speak the same language as the regulators and we maintain a strong working relationship with both the AFM and DNB. Thanks to our in-house experts, we are well versed in financial laws and privacy regulations. This means that we understand the reasons behind a planned enforcement move and will work with you to figure out the likelihood that an objection, appeal or other action will succeed.

We do not encourage legal action lightly. Should you contact us because you have received an enforcement decision (or are expecting to receive one) we will advise you about your next steps. Should things move forward to a formal procedure, we are here to support you with expert guidance and representation.