Implementation Phase

In the implementation phase we assess the strategic impact of new legislation and help to implement it

Overview of Implementation phase

By now the new legislation has been finalised but it is not yet in force. We compare the final legislation with previous proposals, assess their strategic impact on your organisation and work out how we may help you to implement it. Our focus is at the operational level. We will also help you to create a transparent audit trail.

Regulatory Update

Our regulatory updates provide an overview of relevant legislative and regulatory developments. You receive a comprehensive report, tailored to your organisation. Our consultants then discuss with you the possible impact on your business, and what further practical steps may be needed to implement the new legislation.

Q & A Helpdesk

During the implementation phase our Helpdesk is available to clarify or interpret those parts of the new legislation which may be unclear.

Quality Assurance

We can complete Quality Assurance checks to assess how well your company already meets the new regulatory requirements.

Project Management

Our specialists work closely with everyone involved in your company. Referring to the roadmap we have crafted together, we start to implement the new legislation. We will help you set priorities, identify and manage risks, and monitor progress. Our style is pragmatic, focused and follows your lead. We combine a deep understanding of the subject matter with a proven ability to project manage.

Regulatory change tool

Ruler is a regulatory change software tool that provides effective and structured support. Ruler can help you in four different areas:

  • Determining relevance; what obligations apply to your company?
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementing actions
  • Project monitoring

Training & Awareness

It is important that everyone in your organisation is aware of the new regulations and, most importantly, why they need to follow them. The Ministry of Compliance is our training institute. It offers online courses to help everyone understand the new regulations and how to put them into action.

The courses can be tailored to suit your needs, and also delivered as group training. Using the Ministry of Compliance you can have confidence that everyone involved will fully understand the new regulations.