Impact phase

During the impact phase we study the proposed new legislation and identify the steps that you should take before that proposal is finalised

Overview of Impact phase

The impact phase contains draft legislation, which may be published either as a legislative proposal or a final report. At this stage, we examine the legislation and assess what preparatory work you need to undertake before the proposal is finalised. The impact phase focuses on the strategic impact of the new legislation on your business model, products, and organisation.

Regulatory Update

Our regulatory updates provide an overview of relevant legislative and regulatory developments. You receive a comprehensive report, tailored to your organisation. Our specialists discuss the possible impact with you and what steps may then be required to implement the new regulations.

High Level Impact Analysis

New regulations can have a significant impact on your business model, products, and organisation. We map out their impact for you and support you in making strategic decisions in response to the regulatory change.

Regulatory change tool

When implementing a new directive or regulation, steps are often recorded on a large Excel spreadsheet – a confusing process and one that is prone to errors. We are developing a Regulatory Change module, Ruler, which automates and structures this process.