The Ministry of Compliance: Risk & Compliance training

Through our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, we offer a range of Risk & Compliance training courses

The Ministry of Compliance

Welcome to our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, offering online and face-to-face Risk & Compliance courses.

Ministry of

Financial industry professionals turn to The Ministry of Compliance to brush up on their regulatory knowledge. We take regulations and package them as bite-sized practical resources that help you to meet your legal training requirements. Our online courses fit neatly into your schedule.

Compliance Training

Our compliance training course helps professionals working in Risk & Compliance, or those considering making the move into this field, to obtain requisite skills and knowledge. At Projective Group, we take a pragmatic approach to learning. Instead of sitting theory tests you will complete assignments that relate to daily practice. What you learn matters as much in practice as it does in theory.

AML/CFT Training

Those in your organisation responsible for decision making and the day-to-day running of your business need to be familiar with the provision of the AML/CFT act. Our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, offers online AML/CFT courses to make sure that you periodically meet your statutory training requirements.

ESG Training

The financial sector plays a major part in the sustainability of our economy by deciding which companies and projects receive funding. Recognising this, pressure from both political parties and society has led to the emergence of many recent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) regulations.

Our ESG online learning programmes are designed to keep you informed about the latest regulations and guidelines in this field, helping you to seamlessly integrate them into your organisation.

DSI courses

As a finance professional, you can apply for certification at DSI. This certification proves that you are up to date with the latest developments and requirements in the field of integrity, knowledge and professionalism. Our DSI courses will help you meet one of the requirements for the DSI certification of your choice.

Awareness training

Ready to take the plunge? The Ministry of Compliance e-learning courses provided valuable insight into the laws and regulations applicable to the financial services industry. These online courses have been developed by Projective Group Risk & Compliance consultants working with additional practical input from external industry experts.