Preventive mortgage management

Our Quick Scan preventive mortgage management helps credit providers to reduce risk and create opportunities.


During 2023, the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) highlighted the risk of overfunding. In its long-term plan, the regulator pointed to high mortgage debt levels in the Netherlands and the associated risks of rising interest rates coupled with increasing costs of living.

Since the credit crisis, there has been a heightened focus on household debt. When customers find themselves in financial difficulty it has consequences too for the credit provider. These consequences are both financial and reputational. From supervisory legislation, a mortgage credit provider is expected to treat customers with care if they cannot fulfil their obligations (article 81d BGFo). Preventive management can play an important role in meeting this obligation.


Preventive management can form part of a provider’s services in different forms:

  • Reactive preventive management makes it easier to recognise, find and access the help on offer when facing an imminent financial crisis.
  • Active preventive management places importance on analysing potential risks. It considers not just day to day income and expenses, but also future large expenditures. Consider, for example, the larger expenditure that will be necessary in the future to enable the preservation of housing, fund recovery or required sustainability investments. These may cause major problems.

Quick Scan

Proper implementation of preventive management can reduce risks and create opportunities on many fronts. We can support you with preventive management by means of a Quick Scan.

For reactive management, we assess the standard communication (incl. website and/or ‘my’ environment) and the communication calendar. In a Quick Scan preventive management we do the following for you:

  • Assess the standard communications (incl. website and/or ‘my’ environment) and the communication calendar.
  • Analyse the Early Detection model;
  • Examine the customer contact strategy.
  • Assess the solution toolbox;
  • Report our findings and suggesting improvements.