ESG Covenants

Projective Group helps you to meet both mandatory regulatory ESG requirements and voluntary ESG covenants.

ESG Covenants

In the next few years more stringent legal requirements governing sustainability will be introduced. Some companies already have voluntary agreements in place that document how they meet their corporate social responsibility. But it’s pointless having an agreement in place unless you comply with it.


As sustainability legislation becomes stricter and as society calls for more action in this area, it is increasingly important to keep a close eye on both the regulations and agreements that are in place in the financial sector.

Ever wondered how well you are putting into practice the sustainability covenants to which you have signed up? Or how these agreements align with sustainability regulations? Is there crossover between the two? Finding the right balance can be challenging. Our Risk & Compliance consultants can help you to harmonise both and identify any existing ‘gaps’ that require attention.

What we do

At Projective Group our specialists closely monitor developments in sustainability regulations and voluntary agreements and are experienced at implementing both. We can support you with:

  • Advice about covenants (e.g. scope and interpretation issues, strategic choices about complying with these agreements)
  • How to carry out a sustainability gap analysis, covering both regulations and voluntary agreements
  • Identifying, prioritising and/or implementation actions
  • Quality assurance checks on how your organisation implements these regulations and agreements
  • Preparing non-financial reports