Our privacy specialists help you to comply with GDPR privacy legislation

It was on May 25th 2018 that the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR), also known as the Privacy Law, came into force.

We help you to put this legislation into practice.

Complying with

As an organisation you will handle personal data; often without even realising it. GDPR rules and regulations are concerned with the protection and processing of this data. Each category of personal data has specific regulations governing security measures, retention etc.

You must make sure that your organisation complies with these regulations by incorporating them into your policies, procedures and processes.

Our solutions

Our privacy experts have an in-depth understanding of the legal obligations deriving from the GDPR and are familiar with market best-practices. We take a pragmatic approach, considering both the size of your organisation and the proportion of privacy measures that you will need to implement.

Insight into Privacy Legislation

Complying with the GDPR becomes a lot easier if you use our compliance software, Ruler. Ruler provides insight into your organisation’s legal framework and offers an overview of the current and future standards set for your organisation

GDPR Awareness training

Do you or your employees need to update your knowledge of the GDPR? Our GDPR e-learning awareness programme offers a refresher course, summarising the privacy regulations. Once finished, you will be better equipped to handle personal data, manage data breaches, and understand the rights of data subjects.