Compliance Monitoring

How you comply with laws and regulations is demonstrated by compliance monitoring. We can help you to draw up a monitoring plan.

How you comply with laws and regulations is shown through compliance monitoring. This is where you check that your organisation is living up to the standards that you have set, and whether the control measures that you have put in place and the compliance policies you have created have been successfully implemented.

Projective Group offers compliance monitoring support. Our specialists can either help you to monitor compliance or draw up a monitoring plan with you.

What we do

We work with you to draw up a monitoring plan that will demonstrate that you continue to meet the standards that apply to you. We carry out a risk assessment before drawing up a plan based on the rules and regulations that apply to your organisation. We use our compliance software tool, Ruler, to achieve this.

The monitoring plan is risk-based and reviewed periodically. How often it is reviewed will depend on your risk level. This allows us to focus on the areas of greatest risk and you to demonstrate that you are complying with rules and regulations as required.

If the monitoring plan shows that improvements are possible or necessary, we can help you to draw up an action plan to address these.

Performing compliance risk analysis with Ruler

Ruler is our compliance software tool. Using Ruler will help you to understand which laws and regulations are relevant to you. With Ruler you can:

  • Immediately view all current and upcoming regulations.
  • Analyse their risk impact on your business.
  • Manage tasks in your monitoring plan.
  • Simply record monitoring results and monitoring reports.
  • Create a solid base for audits and future controls.