Aftercare Phase

In the aftercare phase of the regulatory change process, we focus on legislation that has recently come into effect

Overview of Aftercare phase

In this phase we look at legislation that recently came into force and focus on the operational details

Q & A Helpdesk

During the aftercase phase our Helpdesk is available to clarify or interpret those parts of the new legislation which may be unclear.


Once the new rules and regulations are in force, we can independently assess the extent to which your company meets the new requirements.

Training & Awareness

The implementation of new legislation does not stop at the drafting and deployment of policies and procedures. It’s important that everyone in the organisation who is affected by these new rules really understands them. And most importantly, why they matter.

The Awareness courses available through our training institute, The Ministry of Compliance, provide insight into laws and regulations and how to translate them into practice. These e-learning courses are flexible and can be taken by groups of your employees at once. With The Ministry of Compliance you are assured that your personnel have the right level of knowledge.