Risk Policy

Projective Group helps you to draw up and assess risk policies to prevent, avoid or reduce risk.

Overview of Risk Goverance

A good risk management policy will help to prevent, avoid, or reduce risk. However, designing the policy is just the start.

Once the policy is in place, the real challenge is to make sure that it works. Does it align with your organisation’s way of doing things and is it a good fit for your organisation’s culture? It may seem obvious, but putting a policy into practice is the hardest yet most essential part of the process.

What we do

To create an effective risk policy we first look at best practices. The maturity of your existing risk management function will affect the implementation of that policy. Therefore, we start by researching and, if needed, collecting interviews to understand your current situation.

We then discuss our findings with you, and draw up a unique roadmap for your organisation, depending on your maturity level.