Gap analysis

With a Gap Analysis, we map the extent to which your organisation complies with (new or existing) laws and regulations

Overview of Gap

If your organisation is facing new or changed laws and regulations, it can be difficult to work out which parts of existing policies and procedures need to be changed. The same would apply if you decide to adapt your products, services, or market.

It is important to determine whether the actions you plan to take will result in legal changes to your policies and procedures. This is where we at ProjectiveGroup can help by carrying out a “gap analysis.” We will look at how well your organisation follows the laws and regulations and figure out what more you need to do to ensure full compliance.

How we work with you

  • Identify current policies and procedures
  • Systematically set out the legal framework and decide which legal requirements your organisation must meet
  • Identify and analyse the ‘gaps’
  • Make recommendations that will include concrete actions to address the shortcomings

Perform a Gap Analysis using Ruler

To perform a gap analysis, we use our compliance software tool, Ruler. Ruler entirely takes the process of creating a legal framework off your hands. The legal framework in Ruler provides a structured overview of the laws and regulations relevant to your organisation.