Risk Framework

ProjectiveGroup helps you to develop your risk management and risk framework and keep both up to date.

Overview of Risk Framework

You know when you do something, and it takes so much effort that you wonder if it was even worth it? Well, creating a risk framework and developing a risk management system can feel like such an administrative burden that you question whether there is any added value. There is!

How do you smoothly weave your risk framework into the everyday workings of the business? How do you make sure it stays relevant over time? And how can you stay on top of the important risks that could impact your overall strategy? Sometimes the questions are complicated, but the answers are simple. We can help you find those answers.

What we do

Before we identify the tools and processes to best maintain and develop your risk framework, we need to go back to basics. We start by looking at what you are already doing, and how that can be improved.

We discuss together which systems, tools and ways of working will work best for your company, and then we start building a risk framework and risk management system that will be fit for purpose.