Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Projective Group helps you to assess and monitor risk. Proper risk analysis and risk monitoring are key when considering risk management.

Overview of Risk Assessment and Monitoring

In business you need to be risk aware. You need to know what risks you face, their potential impacts, and how they should be managed.

This is why a good risk analysis is essential. It is important to determine how risk tolerant or risk averse your organisation is when making risk management decisions.

Risk Analysis

Before we carry out a risk analysis, we discuss with you the methodologies and approaches to be used. We begin by tapping into your existing knowledge.

What we offer is a fresh perspective, a new structure, and the ability to join the dots between the risks that different departments within your organisation may face. A solid risk analysis will do more than help to identify the risks, it will also help you reach consensus on the risks that should be prioritised

Risk Monitoring

Financial services organisations are constantly adapting to a dynamic environment, and the risks you face change too. New risks appear as others fade and the overall impact of these risks can change. Risk monitoring matters.

A clear, practical dashboard is a helpful solution. It provides an overview and a way to report regularly about emerging risks, and what you are doing to manage them. The reports may be designed for either internal or external reading.

Practical Dashboard

We help you to create a functional and practical dashboard. This may either focus solely on critical strategic risks or align with the specific level of detail your intended audience wants. We want to match, as far as possible, your existing internal and external reporting cycle. Together, we will map out:

  • Who should contribute to the risk dashboard
  • What information should be included – existing or additional
  • Stakeholders’ expectations
  • Frequency of reporting