Ruler: Risk & Compliance software

Compliance should not be complex. With our compliance software, Ruler, you can easily comply with laws and regulations.

Ruler Compliance Software

Companies operating within the financial services sector must work within a complex framework of laws and regulations. We take these complex issues and make them simple. We find pragmatic solutions that help our clients to comply with these regulations.

Introducing Ruler – the software tool created to help you remain up to date with changes to important laws and regulations whilst demonstrating that you are following the rules.

Understanding the laws and regulations

Instant alerts

We know how challenging it can be to stay up to date with rules and regulations. Ruler offers a tailored legal framework for your organisation. It selects the regulations for your sector – for example a bank, asset manager or pension fund. This means you see only the laws and regulations that are important and relevant to your organisation.

With Ruler, you receive instant alerts on any changes to your legal framework. These may include upcoming legislative updates or publications from regulators that impact the standards you already need to comply with. Ruler allows you to remain in control and up to date when dealing with regulatory change.

Monitoring and more

Ruler will not only monitor laws and regulations but also handle the entire compliance cycle. The workflow includes a comprehensive audit trail, providing a transparent journey from standards to policies. You can identify potential risks, take the necessary actions, and create reports that monitor and assess a policy’s effectiveness. Ruler ensures that your compliance is well-organised.